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The Top Things Customers Hate about the Typical Lawn Care Company…and how we’re different!

The Top Things Customers Hate about the Typical Lawn Care Company…and how we’re different!

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#1 – “Help! They left the gate open and my dog ran away!”

Terra Turf Solution: When the crews finish a job, they have to complete a multi-point checklist before they are sent their next job. Of course one of the items on that checklist is, “Did you close the gate?”

#2 – They don’t answer the phone.

Terra Turf Solution: We have a team ready to answer your calls and emails Monday – Friday from 8a-5p.

#3 – They break things, and don’t tell the client.

Terra Turf Solution: This is another item on the post job checklist....”Did any damage occur while providing the service?” If an accident did happen, the crew will take pictures and immediately notify the office. The office will then contact you to let you know what happened and how we are going to repair/replace the damaged item.

#4 – They are always late.

Terra Turf Solution: We use a very advanced scheduling and dispatching software that allows us to monitor every crew’s progress and map their position throughout the day. This allows the office to quickly and easily identify if a crew is running behind so we can either dispatch another crew to the area or contact you regarding the delay. In the event of a weather delay, we will contact you to let you know that we are delayed and when you can expect us at your home.

#5 – “Weren’t they supposed to mow my lawn today...?”

Terra Turf Solution: We follow a very strict mowing schedule. Once we give you your mowing day for the season that is when you can expect us. In the unlikely event of a weather delay or mechanical failure we will always contact you so you are informed of any delays or changes.

#6 – “Who the heck is that?”

Terra Turf Solution: Our crew’s follow a routine schedule each week and usually provide service at approximately the same time so you get used to seeing them each week during that time.

#7 – “You missed a spot.”

Terra Turf Solution: Our crews are very professional and have been in the landscape industry for many years. They know how to provide excellent service. Their work is also spot checked several times a week to make sure every crew is providing quality service each and every day.

#8 – They drive up in dirty or “sketchy” vehicles.

Terra Turf Solution: Before a crew can start their work for the day, they have to complete a check list. One of the items is to make sure their truck and equipment is clean, maintained (mowing blades sharpened daily) and ready to begin work.

#9 – They leave behind a mess.

Terra Turf Solution: Our crews are professional. They know what is expected and their work is spot checked to ensure they provide a quality service every time. Their end of job checklist also makes sure all the grass clippings and debris is blown off all the sidewalks, driveways and your patio furniture.

#10 – “What am I paying for? This invoice is so confusing!”

Terra Turf Solution: We use a software program specifically built for lawn care companies. Our software allows us to know exactly when a crew arrives at your home and when they finish. This information is included on our invoices, as well as, the details of what the crew did while at your home. In addition, All our crews take before and after pictures of every job that are automatically attached to your account so we can address any questions or concerns should they arise.

#11 – Their invoices and billing procedures are unprofessional.

Terra Turf Solution: We accept all major credit card and bill for services within 24 hours of it being completed. This keeps the billing current and allows us to immediately address questions or concerns about a service and billing while it is still “fresh” on our minds and the crew that provided the service. If you ever need a receipt or statement, just let us know. We can email those to you immediately.

#12 – They are not clear with their prices and service descriptions.

Terra Turf Solution: All of our services and pricing are clearly listed on our website and any information we provide. In addition, the same software that we use for creating an estimate also handles, creating purchase orders for materials needed to complete the job at your home, scheduling of the job and then finally the invoicing and receiving payment. This allows us to transfer the exact information listed on the original estimate that you reviewed, and approved, to every piece of the process.

#13 – They make clients repeat themselves.

Terra Turf Solution: We use an advanced phone system that allows us to listen in to phone calls, as well as, record every call for quality and training purposes. Our office team members can play back calls once they hang up with a client to resolve any questions or clarify exactly what a client said to make sure the service is scheduled correctly.

#14 – They are rude and condescending on the phone.

Terra Turf Solution: We use an advanced phone system that allows management to listen in to phone calls, as well as, previous calls that were recorded for quality and training purposes. Phone conversations are listened to weekly to ensure our team is always providing the highest quality.

#15 – They don’t deal with complaints.

Terra Turf Solution: We have been in business over 20 years and have a great rating with Google, Yelp, The Better Business Bureau and Angie List, just to name a few. Our greatest source of new business is from referrals. Rest assured, we take your feedback very serious and will make it right if anyone in our organization drops the ball.

#16 – The crews don’t speak English

Terra Turf Solution: Most of the crews speak English. However, in the event you are having trouble conveying exactly the way you would like the crew to provide a service, please call our office. We have bilingual office staff that can hear your concerns and then reach out to that crew directly to make sure they know exactly what is expected.

Clients are more than welcome to talk directly to the crew while at their home. However, we recommend they call the office so we jump in and take it from there and they can go on about their day. This also allows us to document the clients account about the concern and make a note in the clients profile so our management team can monitor the issue to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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