Need Some Flowerbed Mulch Around Plano, TX? We’ve Got You Covered!


Fine shredded brown hardwood flowerbed mulch provides a more refined look with consistently smaller pieces. Because the mulch is made from smaller hardwood sizes, it allows the mulch to interlock with other pieces to form a great weed barrier and keep your mulch from washing away in rain or blowing away in the wind.

From moderating soil temperature to retaining moisture, mulch is beneficial for the health of your plants. Adding a layer of hardwood mulch to flower beds also create a refined appearance and can help prevent any unwanted weed growth. Organic mulch also provide additional nutrients to your plants!

Terra Turf’s price for mulching is $12 per 3 cubic feet, which includes mulch and labor. This includes premium grade mulch spread at the industry recommended depth of approximately 2 inches.