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Christmas Lights

If you have received quotes from other installers I’m sure you notice that there are several different options with the quality of materials used, installation method and ongoing maintenance once your lights are installed.  We have highlighted our installation process and materials below to help you understand all aspects that should go into the installation process.

NOTE: Because the materials are custom fit to your home, everything used during the installation is yours to keep!  No need to pay for materials again next season.  The only cost will be for the labor to install and remove your lights

We Use Commercial Grade Materials



We use only high quality materials for all our installations.  Our trained installers will measure your home and cut the exact amount of socket wire from a 1000ft roll so each section fits your home perfectly!



In addition, we also use solid wire between the light section so you only have bulbs (and sockets) exactly where you want them.  Some companies don’t do this.  Instead they simply remove the bulbs and place tape over the sockets.  Not only does this look very sloppy but is very unsafe and when it rains could very easily spark and start a fire.



All connections between socket wire and solid wire are made with manufacture recommended plugs to ensure safe and durable operation each season.



We use plastic clips to secure the lights to your roofline and gutters.

Please note: These clips work for nearly all installations.  However, if you have leaf screens over your gutters, heavy duty shingles or clay tile roof another installation process may be needed.



Hot glue is the best way to install your lights around the front porch and windows where plastic clips cannot be used. The glue will hold the lights securely throughout the holiday season but allows for easy removal in January.



Commercial grade lawn stakes are used along walkways and flowerbeds.  These special stakes hold the socket securely in place so the bulb is pointed straight up creating a very neat, professional appearance all season long.



Your installation also include a timer with photo cell.  This unit will allow you to easily set your lights to come on from dusk to dawn or come on at dusk then turn off after 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours.



The most critical part (and only part you and your holiday guest will really notice) of the overall job is the selection of actual bulb size and type.  We only use commercial grade C9 LED bulbs during new installations.  LEDs last longer and use less energy than traditional incandescent lights.  (LED bulbs only use .45 watts versus 7-10 watts for incandescent bulbs.  1 regular incandescent bulb uses the same power as 18 LED bulbs!) This, most importantly, allows you to run your lights all season long with minimal increase on your electric bill.  The lower power consumption also means more Christmas lights can be connected together on a single circuit without overloading the outlet.  This allows us to typically only need a single power supply wire resulting in a much cleaner overall installation appearance.  Our LED bulbs are made of a shatter resistant plastic instead of glass like the incandescent bulbs, making them less prone to breakage in during installation and storage.

LED bulbs have come a long way!  They use to only be available in a blueish white color.  However, they are now also available in a Kelvin rating of 3000 which is very close to the traditional incandescent Christmas light bulb. So, if you're looking for a traditional lighting design this Christmas and want to save on energy, LED bulbs are the way to go.



After installation, should your lights come unclipped, a bulb go out, etc; we are available to stop by and do the needed repairs at no additional cost.



We begin taking down lights the second week of January.  During takedown, we will use a ladder to remover your lights by hand (some companies stand on the ground and pull on the socket wire to rip your lights off your home, resulting in broken clips, bulbs and damaged socket wire).  Each section is labeled during removal to help installation go as quickly as possible the following season.  We then package all the wire, clips, timer, etc in a box with our label on top and leave on your front porch for you to store until next season.    Reminder, all the materials are yours to keep since they are custom fit to your home.  You will only need to pay for installation and takedown labor next year.

Why Choose Us?

We begin installing lights the first week of November.  This allows us to ensure we can get the best materials from our vendor before supplies begin selling out.  Plus, your lights will already be installed and ready to be switched on as soon as you’re ready for the Christmas season to begin!  Please let us know if you have any questions!  We would love the opportunity to provide your Christmas light installation this season!



I used Matt and his team to do my Christmas lights, and they got them up quickly and did a great job. They leveraged equipment I had, added more, and did the work quickly and professionally. I will definitely use them again!

David B

We had the staff at Terra Turf do our Christmas lights this past year, and consequently we won the overall lights award for our neighborhood! Great job, Terra Turf Staff!!

DeeDee M.

We love Terra Turf and their crew, always do an exceptional job and are very friendly!

Tyann U.

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