Lawn Aeration Creates Fuller, Richer Lawns


Lawn aeration is when holes are poked into your lawn to help your soil get more nutrients and easy access to water and air. This process creates lush lawns that are healthy, vibrant, and easier to maintain.

When you take advantage of lawn aeration services with Terra Turf, we use a machine to aerate your lawn to poke ¾ inch holes about 2 inches deep. This helps the roots in your lawn to access the vital nutrients they need not just to survive, but to thrive.

Terra Turf recommends aerating your lawn 2 times every year (April/September).

lawn aeration allows water and nutrients to break into the soilAerating your lawn as necessary can dramatically improve your turf. It may appear that you are experiencing a pest or fertilizer issue.  When in reality, soil compaction is the underlying problem. When you aerate your lawn, oxygen, nutrients and water are absorbed by your lawns root system and your lawn flourishes.

When soil compacts, a healthy lawn becomes difficult to maintain. Compaction results when the 4 inches of soil closest to the surface become hard and solid, resulting in poor or ceased circulation of nutrients such as air, water, and fertilizer. As a result, your grass roots are deprived of the key ingredients they need to thrive.

Aerating your soil properly solves these problems. Lawn aeration allows the soil to loosen and allows nutrients easy access to circulate around your grass roots. Compaction of soil often results from areas that receive high traffic (ie. children and pets).  Lawn aeration is an important part of excellent lawn care, but one that many people overlook. lawn aeration benefits

Our service at Terra Turf includes machine lawn aeration and cleaning of your sidewalks and driveway. On average the cost of lawn aeration is $125/tax.

Contact Terra Turf today to discuss how aerating your lawn can totally transform your grassy spaces!