Weekly And Bi-Weekly Lawn Mowing Service In Plano, TX

Terra Turf Lawn Mowing REV

We have experimented with many different variations of lawn mowing service schedules over the past 20+ years, and we found this lawn care schedule to be the absolute best for the health and appearance of your lawn. In addition, the following lawn service schedules also achieve a well-maintained lawn throughout the entire year.  The January, February, November & December lawn services are billed at your normal “in season” mowing service rate, but during these lawn service visits the mowing crew will bag the lawn grass clippings AND include minor leaf collection to keep your lawn looking great during the holidays. For a more in-depth cleanup service, like weeding, check out our landscape cleanup service.

Weekly Lawn Mowing Schedule (39 Annual Visits)
$28 (Most lawns)
Depending on when you order/start your every other week lawn service, you will either fall on an “Even week” or “Odd Week” lawn care schedule.
Every Other Week Mowing Schedule Even Weeks (22 Annual Visits) $34 (Most lawns)
Every Other Week Mowing Schedule Odd Weeks (21 Annual Visits) $34 (Most lawns)