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Lawn Aeration is vital to a beautiful, healthy, green lawn.  Over time your lawn develops layers of thatch and becomes compacted by a variety of factors.  Thatch is old, decaying grass that forms on the soil surface.  Thatch and compaction blocks air, water, sunlight and other vital nutrients from reaching the grass root system.  The result is thin, weak grass that is the perfect target for weed germination, as well as, erosion and drainage issues. 

Lawn aeration is safe and recommended for all types of grasses including Bermuda, St Augustine and Zoysia varieties.  Aeration can be done at anytime throughout the year, but is recommended in the following seasons:

  • Spring – lawn is coming out of winter dormancy
  • Summer – hot temperatures are causing heat stress
  • Fall – lawn is storing nutrients for the winter

The best practice when providing lawn aeration is to use a machine aerator.  This specially designed machine, removes 3/4″ plugs approximately 2″ deep and 4-6″ apart.  These plugs are redeposited back on your lawn and breakdown over a few weeks, enabling the plugs to be used as vital nutrients. 

We also include a FREE sprinkler check during our aeration service.  The crew will check all your sprinkler heads to ensure they are functioning properly so that your lawn will receive the best results from the aeration service.  Also, all sprinkler heads, drip lines and other obstacles will be marked with lawn flags, to avoid any accidental damage while providing your lawn aeration service.    

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