Artificial Turf & Putting Greens

Artificial Turf & Putting Greens


Artificial turf has come a long way from “astro turf” that was once used on sports fields. Today, manufacturers have mastered the art of producing turf that very closely resembles natural grass without the downside and ongoing expense of fertilization/weed treatments and routine mowing. With several options to choose from, homeowners can now select a turf that fits the design of their home and their specific use/needs.


From putting greens to thick turf with thatch that resembles natural grass, the options are endless to have the perfect turf installed at your home!

Artificial turf has been around for decades but has received extreme popularity with homeowners over the past few years for several great reasons: 1) Low maintenance: Turf does not require water, fertilization, routine mowing 2) No sunlight requirements: Turf is perfect for low light areas around your home where natural grass struggles to grow if at all. 3) Always looks great: Turf does not get muddy or have grass clippings that are tracked into your home. 4) No fertilizer or chemicals: Turf does not require routine chemicals that could be harmful to your family, guests, or pets like natural grass.


• Professional design and installation
• Low maintenance
• No harmful chemicals
• No more muddy areas or grass clippings
• Perfect for low/no sunlight areas of your home
• Pet friendly
• Looks & feels great!

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