Lawn Aeration / Enrichment (Top Dressing)

Lawn Aeration / Enrichment (Top Dressing)


Lawn aeration is critical to a healthy green lawn.  This process includes using a machine similar to the size of a lawn mower to remove 2-3 inch plugs about a quarter inch in diameter throughout your lawn.  By removing these plugs, air, water, and other nutrients are able to reach your grassroot system more easily.   

In addition, aeration will help reduce runoff.  The plugs have valuable organic nutrients, and therefore are left on the lawn to be absorbed over a few weeks.   

If your lawn has thin or bare areas, bad drainage or is spongy it is time to aerate!

Lawn aeration should be done at least 1X a year.  Spring and fall are great times to aerate because  your lawn is either coming out of dormancy or about to go dormant and is absorbing nutrients at an increased rate.

Spring and fall are also great times to top dress your lawn after an aeration service.  As mentioned above, your warm season grass is either coming out of winter dormancy or about to go dormant and your lawn is absorbing nutrients during this critical time.  Top dressing is a simple task but takes time and knowledge to correctly spread a thin layer of organic soil over the top of your lawn.  Top dressing is beneficial in adding nutrients to your lawn and also filling in low spots in your yard. 

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