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Lawn Mowing
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Lawn Mowing

Weekly $26.99 / Bi-Weekly $32.99

We offer weekly and bi-weekly mowing service to Allen, Carrollton, Frisco, Little Elm, McKinney, Plano and The Colony. Our lawn care service includes mowing, edging, line trimming and power blowing. We are the answer to your search for “best lawn mowing service near me”.

Mowing: Commercial grade walk behind mulching mowers will be used to provide your home with a high quality professional cut every time.  We track the direction of each cut and alternate the direction each service. 

Edging: A metal blade stick edger will be used to trim along all of the edges where the grass and concrete meet, such as, sidewalks, driveway and alley.

Line Trimming: The crew will use a line trimmer (aka weed eater) to ensure all the areas, not accessible with the lawn mower, are neatly trimmed.  This includes the areas around your home foundation, mailbox, etc.

Power Blowing: Finally, the crew will blow off all concrete and hard surfaces to tidy up any grass clippings generated during the mowing service. 

The details:

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly schedules available
  • Same service day each visit
  • Alternating mowing direction each service
  • Courtesy email if delayed due to weather
  • Before & after pictures will be taken, to ensure a great service every time
  • Only well maintained professional, commercial-grade equipment will be used
  • Fully insured
  • Gates closed/locked and pool cleaned of grass clippings
  • 5 Service Minimum, but no long term contract – Service will renew each year, to ensure your lawn looks great, year round.
  • Online account access to view history and update personal information
  • Satisfaction guarantee!
  • Secure, convenient billing (PCI Compliant)

We are easy to reach by phone/email OR order online anytime 24/7/365

NOTE:  A representative will be in touch to provide your exact pricing, recurring day of service and start date.

Service Cost: Weekly ($26.99/service) and Bi-Weekly ($32.99/service).

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