Flowerbed Mulch



Fine shredded, hardwood mulch is another cost effective way to dramatically improve the appearance of your homes landscaping.  Flowerbed mulch helps slow moisture evaporation during the summer, insulates your plants roots during the winter and forms an excellent weed barrier to keep your flowerbeds looking great for months at a time.  We recommend installing mulch at a depth of 2-3″ in weed free beds to achieve optimal results.  


  • Premium grade, dark brown, fine shredded hardwood mulch
  • All debris blown off walkways, patios and driveway
  • Gates closed/locked
  • Before & after pictures will be uploaded to your account, to ensure a great service
  • A detailed receipt will be emailed
  • Mobile App & online access to our Client Portal to manage your account
  • Secure, convenient billing (PCI Compliant)
  • Fully insured

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