Lawn scalping is when a lawnmower is set on a very low setting and clippings are bagged. Bermuda and Zoysia grass should be scalped in the early Spring, before the beginning of the new growing season.  Scalping will remove the dead, dormant grass that was damaged by the cold winter months. Scalping will promote early spring green-up of new growth, assist in eliminating thatch problems and get rid of some winter weeds

Scalping: Commercial grade walk behind mowers will be used to scalp your lawn on a low setting.  The grass clippings will be bagged during this service.

Edging: A metal blade edger will be used to trim along all of the edges where the grass and concrete meet, such as sidewalks, driveway, and alley.

Line Trimming: The crew will use a line trimmer to ensure all the areas, not accessible with the lawnmower, are neatly trimmed.  This includes the areas around your home foundation, mailbox, etc.

Power Blowing: Finally, the crew will blow off all concrete and hard surfaces to tidy up any grass clippings generated during the scalping service. 


  • 1X service provided in the Spring (and fall, if overseeding)
  • Mower bag will be used to collect the excessive grass clippings
  • Courtesy email if delayed due to weather
  • All debris blown off walkways, patios and driveway
  • Gates closed/locked
  • Before & after pictures will be uploaded to your account, to ensure a great service
  • A detailed receipt will be emailed
  • Mobile App & online access to our Client Portal to manage your account
  • Secure, convenient billing (PCI Compliant)
  • Fully insured

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