Sod Installation

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Sod Installation
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Service Reviews

Sod Installation

Whether your lawn has full sun or partial shade, a healthy green lawn can easily be achieved with the correct variety of grass. We help you decide which type of grass is best for your home. Our sod installation service in Plano, TX and the surrounding cities is available year round.

The details:

  • 1X service
  • $1,500 (3 pallet/1350sf minimum)
  • 50% deposit is required, balance is due upon completion
  • Fresh SOD delivered straight from the sod farm to your home
  • Machine sod cutter will be used to remove all existing grass and weeds and level out high and low ripples in your lawn
  • Top soil will be spread for added nutrients
  • Roller will be used to compress new SOD to remove air pockets
  • SOD squares will be laid in alternating, checkboard style pattern
  • Sprinkler heads will be raised/lowered if needed
  • Steel metal blade stick edger will be used along concrete to neatly trim SOD
  • This service will be time stamped with start & stop times, as well as, before and after pictures
  • Fully insured
  • Gates closed/locked when finished
  • Online account access to view history and update personal information
  • Satisfaction guarantee! 
  • Secure, convenient billing (PCI Compliant)
  • A detailed receipt will be emailed
  • Warranty: SOD is a perishable item and will require your care to survive. (Link to info on plant and SOD care).  However, we do offer a 30 day warranty for up to 10 pieces per pallet, to give you peace of mind that the SOD is healthy when installed

 We are easy to reach by phone/email OR order online anytime 24/7/365



TifTuf Bermuda
TifTuf was selected for its drought tolerance and ability to maintain turf quality under drought stress. In our own experience we believe that once TifTuf is established, it will not need irrigation, even during moderate drought. University drought tests have TifTuf consistently ranked as the highest in quality and appearance over time compared to all other Bermuda grasses. It is a sterile hybrid Bermuda grass that spreads by above ground runners (stolons) and below ground rhizomes to form a lush green turf.


Common Bermuda
Common Bermuda grass is drought resistant, grows on many soils, and makes a good turf if fertilized and mowed right. Common Bermuda grass produces many unsightly seed heads, but in spite of this fault, it frequently is used on home lawns due to its reputation for low maintenance and high traffic tolerance. Common Bermuda may be planted from either seed or sprigs but when sodded, yields a more high quality turf.

St. Augustine


Palmetto is the most versatile turfgrass. It is primarily used for residential and commercial sites. The grass has an emerald green color and a massive root system, which make it drought and cold tolerant. Palmetto can thrive within a wide range of climate and soil conditions.


Raleigh is our most popular turfgrass. It is primarily used for residential and commercial sites. It has a medium to dark green color with wide leaf blades and a high shade tolerance. Raleigh is a relatively aggressive grass that spreads quickly by above-ground runners called stolens. The grass will form a dense lawn that handles moderate traffic. It adapts well from coastal regions to the North Texas areas.



Palisades was developed at Texas A&M’s Agricultural Experiment Station from a zoysia with Beltsville, MD origins. It is a medium-textured grass that is noted for its shade tolerance and low water use requirements. It is used on residential, commercial, and golf sites. When compared to St. Augustine, Palisades has a comparable shade tolerance, requires less water and fertilizer, and is a thicker, denser turfgrass. During extremely dry periods, Palisades only requires one to two deep irrigations per month.


Emerald zoysia is a fine-textured, dense-growing, dark green Turf grass. Emerald was released by the USDA and the Georgia Agricultural Station in 1955 and is known as the “Cadillac” of turf. Emerald is very drought and cold tolerant. It is slow to spread, but once established, it crowds out weeds. It is wear resistant to foot traffic. Emerald grows in full sun but also has good shade tolerance.


Zeon Zoysia is the #1 Selling Zoysia in America. And for good reason! This fine textured grass has been called the “most beautiful zoysia on the market today.” Turf grass professionals and consumers alike often note Zeon’s “Wow Factor”. University tests agree, Zeon Zoysia is truly something special. In NTEP (National Turf grass Evaluation Program) testing, Zeon Zoysia ranked #1 in turf quality. NTEP also confirmed that Zeon Zoysia produces far less thatch than other Zoysia grasses tested.


Zorro® is the #1 rated zoysia grass in the NTEP trials. It is a very fine bladed zoysia with a deep, green color that is suitable for golf courses, commercial and residential lawns. Zorro’s density, texture, and adaptability to different mowing heights offer an excellent playing surface for tees, fairways, fringes and roughs. Zorro has superior shade tolerance to most other warm season grasses allowing it to grow in areas other grasses simply can’t. Zorro has excellent fall color retention and is an ideal choice from the tropics to the transition zone.

Source: Broker Quality Grass

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