Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair


Automatic sprinklers are not only critical for the health of your plants, grass and trees, but they are also very important for the structural foundation of your home.  Of course, sprinklers are constructed primarily of plastic parts that wear out or become damaged over time.  Therefore, routine sprinkler checks are necessary to ensure your sprinkler system is working correctly to deliver the proper water to your plants of the foundation of your home.  

During our sprinkler maintenance checks, the crew will run through each zone to ensure proper operation/coverage and make minor spray head adjustments. In the event a repair is needed, the crew will also have the parts available to provide the necessary service.  On average, checks usually take 1 hour or less. In the event more time is needed, we may need to schedule a follow-up visit to complete the necessary repairs.  The crew leader will give you a courtesy call when finishing up their prior appointment and is headed to your home.

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  • Spring/summer tune-ups
  • Head adjustment/replacement
  • Drip line/soaker hose repair
  • Tree bubbler repair
  • Valve location/replacement
  • Controller replacement and programming

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