Tree Pruning / Stump Grinding

Tree Pruning / Stump Grinding


Professional tree maintenance has many benefits. Proper pruning will encourage overall health, remove dangerous/damaged limbs, reduce pests, and allow more sunlight to reach the grass and landscaping under your tree(s) canopy. It also greatly improves and beautifies the appearance of your home.  

Pruning can be done throughout the year if necessary, but late winter is the best time to prune trees in North Texas.  Pruning trees during the cooler months reduces the risk of disease and insect damage.  In addition, pruning cuts will heal faster in cooler months rather than during the warmer months when nutrients are needed to create new foliage.   

Stumps should be removed when a tree is cut down.  If a stump is left it could be a physical hazard for you, your family, or guests at your property. The larger concern is that a rotting stump will encourage ants, termites, and other pests. Tree stumps can also breed fungus that could infect your other trees and landscaping.  It’s best to grind the stump when a tree is cut down, and our landscaping professionals can schedule a time to care for your trees at your soonest convenience.

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