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3 Landscape Installation Ideas That Will Make Your Home Amazing

Whether you're beginning your landscaping journey or only need inspiration, coming up with landscape design ideas can get tough.

But if you're not satisfied with the way your yard looks, don't compromise — it's time to make a change. Maybe you want something totally off-the-cuff, something sustainable or only want to enhance an existing landscaping feature.

Either way, we've got some amazing landscaping project ideas that are bound to stun onlookers.

So keep reading for three landscape installation ideas that will amp up your property's aesthetic. Using even one of them can turn your yard into the subject of everyone's envy.

1. Water Feature Lighting

Not all types of landscaping involve flowerpots and fertilizer. Your water features are also integral to your landscape's aesthetic, and can even act as centerpieces.

But while water features already look gorgeous, water feature lighting adds a dimension of nightly ambiance. If you've already got a pool, small pond, or a hot tub, it's time to put in some lighting.

This lighting will add an illumination that's softly diffused by the water's movement. The illumination will allow you to enjoy your water features more often. You'll also have more options to entertain guests at night, as they won't struggle to navigate your yard as much.

For the sake of safety, this is crucial. With water feature lighting, you'll know exactly when the water starts and ends, and can keep yourself from falling in and hurting yourself. If you've got kids in the house, this is vital.

2. Rock-Soil Yards

This landscape design is great for homeowners concerned with sustainability. Not only do rock-soil yards look modern, sleek, and earthy, but they're also less resource-intensive. After all, not all beautiful landscapes need green grass and waterfalls.

Those living in dry, desert-like climates have probably seen these types of yards already. They'll also benefit from these yards best, as grass in dry climates needs even more water. This isn't only terrible for the environment — it's bad on your wallet too.

But to be eco-friendly, these yards must be accompanied by desert-friendly flowers and shrubbery. With them, you'll have beautiful flowers that both purify our air and look fantastic.

3. Single-Flower Gardens

If you love your poppy flower beds, then take your favoritism to the next level. Embark on an aromatic project that's anything but subtle. Instead of localizing your poppies in one area of your garden, have a professional landscaper plant them everywhere.

You don't need to plant poppies, per se. Nonetheless, rose gardens, poppy gardens, and daisy gardens are all popular for a reason. Though the idea may sound one-dimensional, the sight of many delicate, fresh flowers wildly dominating the landscape is stunning.

Of course, you don't only need flowers throughout your garden. Shrubbery, landscape accessories, water features, etc can all unify this gorgeous, flowery chaos in a way that doesn't disturb it too much.

Transform Your Property With Landscape Installation

When it comes to developing a paradise, creativity and finesse are key. It's why landscapers aren't only paid to trim hedges and rake in dead leaves. They're also there because they understand how a vision should be carried out and maintained.

So if you have big ideas, work with someone that can execute them. At Terra Turf, we provide numerous landscaping installation services, from designing landscape installs to landscape maintenance.

So if you'd like to take your property to the next level, contact us today — we'll get you started on the right, down-to-earth track.

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