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5 Winter Watering Tips You Need to Keep in Mind

5 Winter Watering Tips You Need to Keep in Mind


Over 80% of Americans have a lawn attached to their residence. If you are one of them and you want to keep your lawn alive through the colder months, you need to know some winter watering tips.

Winter lawn care differs from lawn care in the warmer months. Lawn watering in the winter is also done less frequently than in the summer months. You need to time it right to avoid freezing and killing your grass.

If you are wondering how to water in winter check out this practical guide. Here we discuss 5 lawn watering tips to help your grass survive and thrive through those chilly winter months.

1. Temperature Related Winter Watering Tips

Lawn watering in the winter months is all about keeping one eye glued to the weather forecast. You need to ensure that the outdoor temperature is well above freezing for the majority of the day.

Don't water your lawn unless the daytime high reaches at least 40°F and the nighttime low is above freezing. Otherwise, the water you pour on your lawn will freeze and kill it.

2. Turn On and off Your Pipes

If the temperature reaches below freezing for a few months at a time you should turn off your outdoor pipes. If water is still trapped in your pipes and they freeze your pipes will burst and lead to major home problems.

If you notice a stretch of good weather you can reactivate your pipes so that you can use your hose. Another option is to get a hose attachment for your kitchen sink. Then you don't have to mess with your outdoor pipes.

3. Don't Water Snow Covered Grass

If your grass is covered in snow you should refrain from watering it. If a nice sunny day heats everything and melts the snow you also should refrain from watering. The snowmelt will hydrate your lawn.

The only time it is appropriate to water grass in the wintertime is if it has not received significant precipitation in a while. If this is the case you should bust out your hose and give it a spray if it is above freezing outside.

4. Don't Overwater

When watering grass in the winter you should apply a coat and let it sink into the ground. This will help you avoid freezing your grass if it gets oversaturated with water. Don't water soggy grass as this can lead to root rot.

You should water the lawn in winter about once or twice a month depending on the weather conditions and the climate of where you live. Anything more than that may be too much for your grass to absorb during the shorter winter days.

5. Have Appropriate Drainage

Between snowmelt, rain, and storms you need to make sure that your property has appropriate drainage before watering your lawn in the winter. Never water your grass if you see standing water on your lawn.

If this happens you first need to call a professional to help you deal with your drainage issues. Then you can resume watering your grass on your normal schedule.

Don't Neglect Winter Watering

If you want your grass to be strong and vibrant in the spring you need to make sure to water it all winter long. Knowing how to water in the winter the right way is all about timing weather and temperatures.

Use the 5 winter watering tips in this guide to keep your lawn strong all winter long. If you need a professional touch to guide you contact us today. We can handle all of your landscaping, lawn, and garden needs.

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