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Benefits of Proper Drainage Around Your Home


Proper drainage around your home is not only critical for the health of your plants but also your home's foundation. Standing water in your landscape can also lead to health concerns.

Proper moisture levels for your trees, shrubs and flowers are obviously important to their health but too much water can kill your plants and actually cause the soil to lose vital nutrients from runoff. Erosion can also expose your plants' root system causing long term damage.

Standing water and runoff can also cause unsafe muddy or slippery areas in your landscape that could result in an injury to you or your guests. As well as, standing water is a breeding area for mosquito infestations and other insects/pests.

Most drainage problems are caused by improper slope or grade. Gutter downspouts that collect all the water from your roof and empty directly into your flowerbed are also a major cause of drainage issues.

There are many options when it comes to drainage solutions for your home.

  • Regrade areas if possible to divert water away from your home
  • Install a subterranean drainage system to help move water away from your home and landscape

Keep in mind that if regrading is a possibility, you may also need to replace the grass where the soil is removed or added.

If a drainage system if the best solution for your home, be sure to have your utility lines marked in the areas digging will take place. Cable, internet and phone lines are often buried just below the surface and can be damaged if not marked.

Also, be sure there is enough slope for the water to drain through the system properly. If you cannot achieve enough negative slope, a pump is necessary.

There are several different drainage systems available. Some of the most popular are:

  • Downspout drains for your roof gutters
  • Surface drains to move water away for specific areas
  • French drains to collect water along a long area that has drainage issues

There are many aspects that go into designing the best drainage solution for your home. Slope, soil type, roof gutters, landscape plants, lawn grass versus bare soil/flowerbeds, etc. We make sure and take all the necessary information into consideration to provide you with the best solution for your home.

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