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Holiday Light Installation on Your Home


Tis the get your holiday lights up!

Studies show that 85% of Americans put up their holiday decorations before December, with some people putting them up right after Halloween. Putting up holiday lights may be stressful and a lot of work, but it definitely brings a joyful, festive spirit to every home!

Decorating for the holidays makes some people both happy and anxious. If this sounds like you, don't worry, we have some tips to get your beautiful home holiday-ready.

Keep reading for our ideas on how to make your holiday light installation a success!

Make a Plan

Anyone can throw together some lights on a house and call it a day. However, most people want to create a beautiful holiday aesthetic with their home decorating, and this requires a little bit of planning.

Start by making a diagram with measurements of your home and yard. Sketch a rough plan or any home ideas for this year's holiday decor.

Next, take inventory of the holiday decor you have stashed away. Do this by laying everything out in a dry area, so you can see what you have and what you are missing to accomplish your decorating plan. Take the opportunity to untangle any strands of lights and garlands, and test them for any burned-out bulbs.

Know the Different Types of Lights

There are many different types of holiday lights, so it's important to know the difference when planning or shopping for them. Each style of light accomplishes a different design goal. Here are some of the different types:

  • Icicle lights
  • String lights, in traditional sizes
  • Mini string lights
  • Net Lights for wrapping hedges and trees
  • Illuminated spheres
  • Star-shaped lights
  • Dome bulbs
  • Projection lighting

The Difference Between LED and Incandescent Lights

LED lights come with a higher price tag than incandescent bulbs but are more energy-efficient and will last many thousands of hours.

Traditional incandescent lights have a yellowish tint to them, while LED lights are whiter in color.

Another benefit of LED lights is that they are safer. They are made with acrylic, making them less likely to break, and they don't get hot to the touch. You can safely attach many more strings of LED lights together than you can with incandescent bulbs.

Include Some Showstopping Displays

While the traditional strands of holiday lights create a beautiful effect, add some creativity for some wow factor. Here are some simple ideas that you can incorporate for a big effect:

  • Use dramatic lighting for your home's walkway
  • Add some containers with evergreens, holly, and pinecones
  • Wrap your hedges in twinkling net lights
  • Add garlands to the doorway and garage door
  • Add layers of texture with lights, greenery, and bows
  • Put cascading lights on your trees for a magical effect
  • Include some stars in your decor

Professional Light Installation

Some of us love the challenge of holiday light installation, while others are just too busy or impatient to make it happen! For stress-free planning, installing, and troubleshooting holiday lights, consider hiring professional holiday light installers.

At Terra Turf, we're experts at transforming homes and yards into holiday dreams. For easy and efficient holiday light installation that turns your home into a magical holiday oasis, contact us today!

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