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How Do I Stop Rabbits From Eating My Flowers and Bushes?

How Do I Stop Rabbits From Eating My Flowers and Bushes?

Stop Rabbits Eating Plants

Did you know that Eastern Cottontail rabbits have an average of 7 litters per year?

And with up to 12 kits (baby rabbits) per litter, it's not hard to see where the famous phrase: 'breeding like rabbits' comes from. While Eastern Cottontails and other rabbit species play a crucial part in Texas' ecosystem, their prolific numbers can cause a headache for homeowners in our area and across the state.

But fear not! In this article, we'll explain how to stop rabbits eating plants in your bushes and flowers. From planting tips to humane removal, we've got you covered.

Run a Fence

If you're struggling with an influx of rabbits - or any other plant-eating critters - it's often best to start with simple solutions. A well-built, rabbit-proof fence can drastically cut the number of rabbits eating flowers or bushes in your landscape.

We are equipped with the tools and knowledge to supply top-quality fencing. But just because your fence exists to keep rabbits out, that doesn't mean it has to be a standard chicken-wire affair. Far from it - we'll work with you to design a practical fence that also looks great.

Plan Thoughtfully

Rabbits are not picky eaters. In fact, they will happily munch on almost any freshly sprouted bushes, flowers, or even grasses you have around your home. However, you can make your landscape a less inviting feeding ground with a few careful landscaping considerations.

If you want to plant tender shrubs or flowers, consider utilizing raised beds to keep your plants safe. Of course, rabbits can jump, but raising high-value food sources above ground level makes it far less easy for them to reap the benefit of your hard work.

You should also think about utilizing hard-standing or turfed areas in your landscape. These areas are not only less inviting to bunnies, but they also provide an excellent place for you to relax in the summer.  Contact us today for a FREE artificial turf estimate!

Use Repellents

Rabbits rely on their sensitive noses to navigate the world and your flowerbeds. Therefore, you can use scent-based repellents to keep them out of your landscaping.

Popular home solutions include vinegar, but you should always be careful to keep it away from acid-sensitive plants and vegetables.

Take a visit to your local garden center or hardware store to browse the extensive range of rabbit-repelling liquids. And don't worry - they're formulated to be less offensive to human noses!

Stop Rabbits Eating Plants Today

As professional landscapers, we at Terra Turf understand how annoying errant rabbits can be, especially when they're targeting your favorite flowers and shrubs. We hope these simple tips help rid your landscaping of pesky rabbits.

If you need some extra help to stop rabbits from eating plants in your landscape, we'd be happy to help. We'll work closely with you to design a landscape that is less likely to turn your home's landscping into the local salad bar for destructive rabbits!

Contact us today to get started.

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