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How To Properly Protect Plants During A Freeze

Protect Plants In Freeze

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in creating your dream landscape and now the forecast calls for freezing temperatures! Don’t worry. Follow the tips below to properly insulate your new plants and give them the best chance to make it through freezing temperatures.

Do Not Use Plastic

Plastic will actually increase the chances of freeze damage. It is best to use bed sheets, blankets, and frost blankets are the best way to insulate your plants.

Use Stakes or Bricks

It is critical to secure the edges to ensure the covering is not blown off your plants, exposing them to a sudden change in temperature.

Mulch It

We also recommend adding layer of mulch around the base of your plants.  This will further insulate the plants roots during the cold.

Pull Back the Covers

Do not leave your plants covered more than a few days. Moisture can get trapped under the coverings which could lead to possible fungus.

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