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Mosquitoes In Landscape Drainage!

Drainage Pics For Mosquito Blog Post

As we enter into mosquito season, we wanted to give you a tip to keep your home safe. As we all know, standing water around your house can become a breeding ground for mosquito larvae. It only takes a small amount of standing water (about a thimble!) for a female mosquito to lay up to 3000 eggs in her short, few weeks of life! Be sure to get rid of all the items around your home that can hold water. For example, flowerpots, buckets, toys, etc. just to name a few. Some areas that are often forgotten are roof gutters (Click HERE to order roof gutter cleaning) and landscape drainage systems because we can’t see the standing water.


A simple solution is to drop a “Mosquito Dunks” tap in standing water. These taps are available at most home improvement stores for under $10. Simply take the top of your landscape drains and drop one in OR place them in your roof gutters. Obviously they will need to be replaced after heavy rain.

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