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The Spring Landscaping Maintenance Checklist for Your Texas Home

Spring Landscaping Maintenance Checklist

If you take as much pride in your lawn as we do in delivering the finest lawn and landscaping services, you know that now’s the time to prepare for this spring’s maintenance tasks to ensure a healthy, attractive landscape throughout 2020.  

Spring Landscape Cleanup

Stroll around your property and take note of plants that may need extra care or replacement, flower beds that could use a clean out, and more.  Many of our customers find these tasks overwhelming, and it’s our pleasure to be part of the beautification of your home. Let Terra Turf Landscape take the desired landscape cleanup off your list this season!  We’d be happy to manage your landscape tasks now, and year-round.

Trimming & Pruning

Spring landscaping maintenance offers trimming bushes, weeding and turning flowerbeds, leaf cleanup, pruning ornamental trees and ground cover and gutter cleaning.  We provide professional service, using all the necessary equipment, to get the job done in a timely and professional manner.  Crape myrtles should be pruned in early spring before they bloom, by cutting back suckers and trimming back branches that touch your home or extend into walkways.  It is wise to consult with a pro like Terra Turf Landscape about tasks like these, as timing and technique are critical to ensure you the best results. 

Seasonal Color

Want to add color to your curb appeal?  Terra Turf Landscape can help spruce things up by trading out existing flowers with spring annual blooms. While it’s still relatively cool in the spring, plants have a chance to get established before the temperatures heat up for summer.  Take advantage of our expertise to assess your existing color and maximize your landscape’s appeal! It takes commitment to keep your lawn in top shape during the growing season. If you don’t have enough time for yard work, put Terra Turf to work for YOU!

Roof Gutter Cleaning

Terra Turf Landscape even provides roof gutter cleaning … where spring cleaning should begin.  If your home’s gutters are clogged with leaves and debris that landed on your roof over the winter, spring rainwater can overflow onto your roof, making your home vulnerable to potential water damage.  Excess moisture lingering on your roof can also put you at risk of attracting mosquitoes and other pests, in addition to possible structural damage, but roof gutter cleaning will keep water flowing off your roof where it belongs.  Order your gutter cleaning today.

Trust Terra Turf

Allow our team to help with the spring landscaping maintenance checklist for YOUR Texas home with pro-level landscape cleanup, such as bush trimming, flowerbed weeding, leaf cleanup, crape myrtle and ground cover pruning, ornamental grass trimming, and roof gutter cleaning.  Our decades of landscaping experience make all the difference!

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