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When Installing Christmas Lights, Be a Good Neighbor and Use Proper Lighting Etiquette

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Halloween is now behind us and the temperatures have dropped. Is it okay to install my Christmas lights on my home??? Yes and no.

It is absolutely acceptable to go ahead and hang your lights now. However, please wait to turn them on until after Thanksgiving Day.

By installing your Christmas lights in October/early November, or having a professional company install them, you are able to take advantage of nicer weather and will not be struggling to hang your lights in freezing cold weather, typical of late November and December.

So, once you have finished off turkey dinner and had a great time of fellowship with family and friends, you can simply flip on the lights and turn your home into a winter wonderland!

When Should You Take Down Your Lights?

Once Santa has left the building, it's time to turn off your Christmas lights and look forward to the New Year ahead! We recommend taking down your lights the first few weeks of January, so you’re ready to take on your New Year’s resolution, head on!

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