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How Landscaping and Lawn Care Companies Are Handling COVID-19 Concerns

The number of confirmed Coronavirus cases has climbed to 678,210 in the United States.

With the number of cases growing each day, many businesses have had to shut their doors temporarily. Unless a business is deemed essential, they must close their business to the public.

As we question which businesses are essential, it's important to remember that landscaping services are considered essential. To learn about the measures landscaping companies are taking to stay safe, keep reading!

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How COVID-19 Concerns are Being Handled in the Landscaping Industry

The landscaping industry includes lawn care, designing and building outdoors, tree care, and irrigation.

Landscaping companies are considered an essential business, as they maintain the look and safety of public places. Without landscaping companies, grass will become overgrown, invasive plant species can destroy the ecosystem, and trees can become hazardous.

If you're needing lawn care services amidst the Coronavirus crises, luckily you can still receive these. There are many actions that landscaping companies are taking to stay safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Here's how landscaping companies are staying vigilant:

Proper Sanitation

While a lawn care crew naturally maintains distance as they work, companies are taking extra measures to slow the spread.

Since the Coronavirus can be spread by touching common surfaces, crew members are practicing proper handwashing measures throughout the day. If a sink isn't available to wash hands, crew members are required to use hand sanitizer throughout the day.

In addition to personal hygiene, equipment is sanitized after a crew member uses it. This helps cut down on the amount of germs that are being passed back and forth.

Following CDC Guidelines for Coronavirus

The CDC recommends maintaining at least 6 feet of distance at all times.

Landscaping crew members naturally maintain distance as their jobs require this.

However, crew members are taking extra care to not gather in tight groups to talk throughout the day. Additionally, crew members are encouraged to wear masks as they work since the CDC recommends wearing a mask in public.

If a crew member isn't feeling well, they're encouraged to stay home.

Landscaping Company Near Me

If you're in need of landscaping services, you can still safely request these.

It's advised to keep your distance from the crew as they work. This will protect yourself and the crew. Don't go up and talk to the crew, and if you do need to talk to them, maintain 6 feet of distance.

So, as you're searching, "lawn care services near me," remember that you can safely hire professionals. You may just need to practice staying inside as they work and avoiding the area they worked in for a few days.

Hire a Landscaping Service Today

If you need your lawn taken care of, don't let the Coronavirus stop you.

Landscaping services are safe to use as long as you follow the CDC recommendations. Stay 6 feet away, practice proper handwashing, and sanitize the areas needed. Keeping up on lawn care maintenance is important, even during the pandemic.

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