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Top 3 Grass Types for Texas Lawns

No matter which grass type you choose, starting from sod will give you a huge advantage. While it might cost more than planting seeds, it's also hardier and more likely to take root.

Laying Sod For New Lawn


Several different species of Bermuda grass grow well in the full Texas sun.

Regardless of which type you go with, you can expect thick, drought-resistant turf, perfectly suited to your climate. And, because Bermuda grass does well in most types of soil, including coarse and sandy substrates, you're less likely to need soil treatment before planting.

When it comes to the best grass for Texas, TifTuf Bermuda is at the top of the list. It's one of the most drought-tolerant, requiring very little water even in super dry conditions.

Common Bermuda is a good option for high traffic areas and is notoriously hard to kill so long as you mow and fertilize it correctly. So, if you're tough on your lawn, this might be your best bet.

St Augustine

Unlike Bermuda grass, this species prefers shade. Planting in direct sun will lead to a patchy turf and dry, crisp top layer. But, it's still the most common option for home lawns thanks to its dense green mat, perfect for sports, resting, and outdoor recreation.

Palmetto is one of the most versatile and commonly used types of St Augustine, mostly thanks to its massive root system, capable of withstanding all kinds of mistreatment. This sod performs perfectly in soil rich in clay but can thrive in just about any substrate.


Raleigh is a popular type of grass for filling a large space quickly. It's an aggressive species that spreads fast using above-ground runners.


Zoysia is a popular Texas grass thanks to its beautiful color and resilient characteristics. And, while it might cost more than some other options, the results are well worth that extra investment. 

Palisades has a comparable turf to St Augustine but requires less water and fertilizer. So, it's one of the easiest to maintain options on this list. 

If you don't mind a slow grower and want the softest turf possible, opt for Emerald Zoysia. This species is slow to spread, but once established, crowds out weeds and holds up well to foot traffic. 

Zeon is the best selling Zoysia grass in American, and it's perfectly suited to Texas climates. Its beautiful turf grows in nice and thick, and has less thatch than other similar species, making maintenance a breeze.

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