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Summer is about warm weather, backyard BBQs, and spending plenty of time outdoors.

What better way to create a fun and attractive atmosphere than with a summer landscaping project? The best part is, you don’t need to perform a complete overall to make a statement. 

Even subtle changes can boost curb appeal and create an attractive, welcoming outdoor oasis.

Whether you have a green thumb or need some creative inspiration, these landscape installation ideas are sure to impress your guests this summer.

Grab your gardening gloves and let’s get to work!

1. Bright, Bold Colors

Nothing says summer quite like bold, bright colors. Try incorporating yellows, pinks, and blues into your garden and landscape decorations.

Sunflowers are not only bright and bold but beautiful. Standing tall and strong, these seasonal beauties make a big statement. 

Begonias are a gorgeous mix of color and texture. With clusters of pink, white, and red, begonias will stay in bloom all summer long. 

Add depth and even more texture to your garden with coleus. These rich-colored flowers come in shades of gold, fuchsia, burgundy, and scarlet. 

Lawn ornaments, flags, and other decorative pieces can also help add a pop of color to your summer landscaping project.

2. Low-Maintenance Shrubs

Most homeowners want a landscape that’s low maintenance. This is especially true during the summer months which are packed with fun-filled activities!

Low-maintenance shrubs are a quick and easy way to add depth to your landscape without being too labor-intensive. 

Dwarf evergreen shrubs are ideal for small gardens. Heather is both beautiful and low-maintenance, adding a pop of purple color to your garden.

Forsythia is as bright as the sun and may bloom as early as late winter for a long-lasting landscape installation. 

3. Flowerbed Mulch

In addition to beautiful flowers and shrubs, your landscape needs some fresh flowerbed mulch this summer. 

Not only does premium grade mulch look great but it’s cost-effective and helps keep your flowers hydrated. Flowerbed mulch slows down the evaporation process while acting as a barrier against harmful weeds. 

Once summer ends, your mulch will insulate your plant’s roots, helping preserve them for the next season.

4. Install Proper Drainage and Irrigation 

Proper irrigation and drainage are important during the dog days of summer.

Regardless of where you live, high daytime temperatures and long dry periods can wreak havoc on your beautiful landscaping. If your area is subject to heavy rains, standing water can damage both your flowerbeds and the foundation of your home.

Avoid brown spots in your grass and erosion by investing in a quality irrigation and drainage system this summer.

Get Inspired with Summer Landscape Installation Ideas

Are you looking to transform your yard? These landscape installation ideas are inexpensive and easy to implement.

The professionals at Terra Turf have been making landscaping dreams a reality for over 20 years.

With an eye for design and the ability to accommodate your landscape installation budget, Terra Turf offers a wide range of services from aeration and yard cleanup to mowing and sod installation. 

Contact us and let’s get started on your summer landscaping project today!

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